Kansas City Fire and Security

For After Hour Emergency Service, contact us at 913.780.5237

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About Kansas City Fire and Security

Kansas City Fire and Security maintains the highest quality in Alarm Monitoring. We utilize a U.L. listed Monitoring Station, which is locally owned and operated, to ensure clarity and precision. All calls are answered by live professionals ready to assist. No matter how many devices or buildings you have, KCFS will create a monitoring account customized to your individual needs.

In a time of crisis, every second is vital. While utilizing KCFS' product line, specialized system programming methods are applied to enable the Fire Department to be dispatched to the specific Fire Alarm device or devices activated. Programming such as this saves time, crucial business information, belongings but most importantly, lives.

 Kansas City Fire and Security's Technical Experience

Contacting Central Station

If you have ever used a Central Station, you know it can be somewhat frustrating receiving calls from Dispatching Technicians located on the opposite side of the Country with minimal information regarding your account then being put on hold for 15 minutes only to talk to a computer automated phone system...

To ensure Customers are receiving the assistance they need, KCFS utilizes a Central Station located in the Kansas City Metro Area where each and every call is answered by a live attendant.

Customers can reach our
Direct Connect by contacting
(816) 922-4200
or calling KCFS after hours.

Protecting Kansas City

913.780.KCFS (5237)
OLATHE, KS 66061