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About Kansas City Fire and Security

KCFS has been designing, servicing, and installing Card Access Control Systems in the Kansas City Metro Area for 25 years.

Software enhancements include the ability to send "Perimeter Alerts" to specific Guard Locations as well as the ability to be transmitted via E-mail. Alerts, such as these, allow Security Managers to react swiftly and precisely as perimeter breaches occur.

Card Access Integration with CCTV Systems have become a common practice and enrich facility security immensely. Whether you are protecting a single door or 150 doors, KCFS can design a system that will allow you to operate, control, and monitor system activity with ease. As Card Access technology progresses, the Access Control system becomes the center of System Control management. Technology advancements provide integration with Intrusion Alarms, CCTV Systems, and Life Safety Systems.

KCFS also offers Photo I.D. Badge Systems. These Badge Systems provide Business' the capability to create Employee Identification Badges which can be designed to include the company's logo, employee photo, and employee's ID number. I.D. Badges allow employees to positively identify visitors, contractors, or possible intruders.

 Kansas City Fire and Security's Technical Experience

Finger Scanning & Hand Geometry Readers

Finger Scanning & Hand Geometry Readers are becoming increasingly prevalent in business settings.

Bayometric provides the latest   non-intrusive Biometric Security solutions. These security products incorporate fingerprint, face, iris, voice, and signature recognition. Biometric technologies can be used separately or together in one powerful package to meet your entire authentication and identification needs.





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