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Today’s Closed Circuit Television Technology is ever expanding and evolving. New system components, such as the Day/Night Camera, have combined the technology of Color with the reliability of Black and White Cameras. Day/Night Cameras use color to provide a distinct description of the perpetrator, then once the Camera has reached the Field Adjustable Threshold, the camera reverts to Black and White.

Video Storage has evolved from Multiplexers synchronized with Time Lapse VCR’s utilizing VHS Tapes to store video to DVR’s or Digital Recorders. A properly designed CCTV System with DVR can be capable of storing or archiving video for upwards of a month, and sometimes more. Searching for incidents simply requires the entering of the potential incidents Date and Time. The DVR will query the Hard Drive and Display the activities of that particular time period. Once the incident has been documented, the video can be exported in a MPEG format and either burned to a disk or e-mailed. DVR’s are now equipped with the means of interfacing to a Customer's network by issuing an I.P. address allowing employees, with the proper security access, to view Digital Video on site or anywhere the World Wide Web is available.


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