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About Kansas City Fire and Security

To keep citizens safe from the destruction that fire can cause to themselves and to their businesses, Local Cities have adopted various versions of NFPA Standards to govern the design criteria of Life Safety / Fire Alarm Systems in their Jurisdictions. KCFS' Sales and Design Engineers are trained and specialize in State and Local Codes. Since KCFS is in continual contact with Local Fire Marshals and City Review personnel, KCFS can determine the Classification of your business and determine exactly what Life Safety and Fire Alarm device(s) will be needed.

Along with many of KCFS' services offered, Analog Addressable Systems are also available. These systems utilize Addressable Fire Alarm Devices turning every detection point within a Fire Alarm System into it's own functioning Zone. By assigning proper descriptions to each device, Customers are able to precisely determine the source of an Alarm or Trouble. For greater safety, Customers can integrate their Addressable System with a Fire Alarm DACT Communicator which will dispatch the Fire Department to the exact device in alarm.

As a U.L. Certificated Company, KCFS is required to post the Customer's U.L. Certificate by their Fire Alarm Control Panel along with the approved Fire Alarm plans, Battery Calculations and documentation. Additionally, KCFS is subjected to random annual audits by U.L. to ensure all System Installations are performed to the strictest and highest quality.

Customers can extend their parts' warranties by entering into an Annual Service Agreement allowing KCFS to perform required Maintenance and Annual Certification Testing and Cleaning of all system components. All systems installed by KCFS come with Operations and Maintenance Manuals, individual Data Sheets, Battery Calculations, and Auto-CAD Drawings. Drawings are also available on CD for archiving purposes.


 Kansas City Fire and Security's Technical Experience

Video Smoke Detector

Video Smoke Detection

“VSD is based on the computer analysis of video images provided by standard CCTV cameras... VSD automatically identifies the particular motion pattern of smoke and alerts the system operator to its presence in the shortest time possible. This enables a fast response to a potential fire, saving valuable time even in voluminous areas or where a high airflow may be present.”



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